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50 B’Days in Exile

HH the Dalai Lama turned 74. To celebrate his B’day I was invited Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane to do some songs. It was quite a trip but I enjoyed it. In Canberra I even took part in some soccer match which was organized by the Tibetan youth group in Australia. It was a really nice day.

My thought on the B’Day of HH was wow… 50 B’days in Exile. Hope someday soon we all can go back to Yibet without fear and celebrate HH’s B’day. Sydney Tibetan celebration was really cool. They cooked up a strom for about 500 people. It was a whole day celebration with cultural shows from the community. I think the Music teacher have done a great job in teaching the Sydney community some beautiful songs and dances. Inspiring!!!!.

What a SUNDAY!!!!

I had a great night with my band members and all the guest artist during the CD launch at POWERHOUSE sponsered by perfect potion. Even though it took so much time to set the sound yet we pulled it off really nicely. Sal and Ric did a great job giving the intro to the band. Thank you to all the guest artists… Meneeka, Lansana and Peter. They played beautifully. For me the most fun part was Crane song coz didn’t really get to practiced with Meneek but the way she started the song was perfect. So many things to say.. but in short It was a beautiful night… Music is Life is out now …. please grab a copy. Visit tibet2timbuk2.com for all the info and to listen to songs.

Wow Sunday, what a sunday!!!!!!…. I didn’t leave for India on Sunday for some reason but it was good that I didn’t go coz, we had a huge STROM…. and our Gap got hit really hard. Everywhere looked so much like a warzone. So manytrees got uprooted. So i left the next day on Monday…. I will write more on INdia next. Love to allllll

Tibet2Timbuk2 ‘Music is Life’ CD launch

For the last few months Marcello has been working really hard on ‘Music is Life’ album by Tibet2Timbuk2.Thank you to March… Shen is back from Japan now. Now, it is coming out this coming week. I have been listening to it. Sound is purely organic and beautiful I think it should be a very beautiful X-mas gift.

Tibet2Timbuk2 is doing the Album launch on Sat 15th Nov at POWERHOUSE, New Farm, Brisbane(8:00pm). Hope my friends can make it there. Right after the gig, I am heading to India for the Special Meeting on 16th early morning. There is lots going on. I shall give updates on the Tibet front when I get back.

Heading for India

Guess who’s Artwork are we in??? just for fun…
Anyway, it’s been quite a longtime since I wrote on my blog. Since coming back from New York. I went to few beautiful Festivals. Global Carnival Bellingen, NSW was very beautiful I was mostly hanging out in the Darma Village. It was right next to the Chai tent which was really good because I was able to have so much chai. In the Darma village I helped Lama Khedup to do the Mandala and and gave some singing workshops. All my concerts went really well. At one stage everyone was singing with me which sounded amazing.

Then, it was Multicultural festival @ Roma St Parkland, Brisbane Qld. I had three concerts on that day. Started off with my solo in the morning than with Spiros Rantos and Ensemble at mid afternoon. I was so scared about that one but turned out to be delightful one. We had a standing ovation. I was to scared about that concert for I am not so used to Classical music and also fitting in the bars that are set for the song yet we mannaged to get it right on the day. In the evening It was the 2Horsemen Tibetan and Mongolian Music fussion. Beautiful concert and finish the day with. I loved it. Bayan my Mongolian friend and musician is a great improviser. We always play together without any practice and somehow we weave our music so well. Maybe it’s because of our way of giving each other the space we share. Maybe it comes naturally from the Mountains and the rivers and the plains of Tibet and Mongolia.

Now, next month I have few concerts. On 13th Nov I will be down in Melbourne for a concert at the Casino at 8.30 pm. Its for Multicultural Award night. Then 0n 15th with T2T2 at the Powerhouse, Brisbane. 16th Nov…. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh I will be heading to India for 3 weeks. It’s for a big Tibetan conference. This conference is a big deal. All the Tibetan leaders from around the world are getting together in Dharamsala.

Love to all

TERIKA on Lucky Oceans ABC radio

You can tune into lucky oceans to listen to Terika. Lucky Oceans have played this few times. Hope you enjoy listening. here is the link

Queensland Multicultural Fest 12th Oct 2008

Tenzin Choegyal – Tibetan nomadic song,
Time: 11.55am–12.25pm,
Location: Ceremonial Music Stage

Spiros Rantos and Ensemble 1 with Tenzin Choegyal,
Time: 2.15–2.45pm,
Location: TransLink Lake Stage

2Horsemen – Tibetan and Mongolian music,
Time: 6.15–7pm,
Location: Ceremonial Music Stage

Mark Segal, Director of Adult Programs, The Parrish Art Museum

“The visit of the Compassionate Mandala Tour to the Parrish Art Museum was one of the most extraordinary events in the museum’s history. The sheer numbers were unprecented – the galleries were bustling and every program was filled to capacity. More gratifying and uplifting were the enthusiasm and awe generated by the tour. Dozens of people returned day after day to follow the progress of the mandala. I’ve never seen 100 people as quiet and attentive as during the meditation workshop, except perhaps for the 200 people at the concert. And Tenzin achieved the near impossible – getting a room full of ordinarily sedate Southamptonites to sing along. His music, like the chanting and artistry of the monks, was unforgettable. It’s tempting to conclude from the overwhelming response of our communithy that lurking beneath the impermanence, complacency, and materialism of our society is a yearning for contact with something spiritual and enduring.”
— Mark Segal, Director of Adult Programs, The Parrish Art Museum

Tenzin on US east Coast Tour….

September 9-14
The Parrish Art Musem South Hampton, NY

Concert: Friday, Sept. 12 at 7:30pm
For more information go to parrishart.org or call 631-283-2118 ext. 40.
September 15-19
Choate, Rosemary Hall School 333 Christian Street Wallingford, CT 06492
Concert: Friday, Sept. 19 following the dissolution ceremony
September 22-29
Northfield Mount Hermon SchoolOne Lamplighter WayMount Hermon, MA 01354
Concert: Friday, Sept. 26 following the dissolution ceremony

Mystical Cathedral

This is what Betty http://www.beathcox.com/ wrote…
Truly a magical as well as a mystical experience. I think we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to hear such interesting music in our beautiful cathedral.

The sensitive selection of works programmed was very special. Tenzin had the power to truly express the space and landscape of Tibet and Brendan’s performance was simply stunning in Richard Meale’s lovely Cantilena Pacifica. But all the works were beautiful and especially lovely to have Sarah’s Processional. Thank-you Camerata!

Tibet2Timbuk2 Project

Since the begining of last year, I have been working with two of my very dear musician friend on a project Tibet2Timbuk2. Shen Flindel a dedicated Tabla player and Marcello Milani sing a song writer and very beautiful guitarist. Tibet2Timbuk2 is a music project to bring all the musical movements and spaces from different musical traditions to give a unique journey. Just like what would one see, feel and hear if one starts a journey from Tibet and begins in Timbuktu. Imagine all these beautiful land scape, food, sounds and people one would end up meeting.

So, on 14th Nov 2008 we will be launching our first album. We have been working really hard. Recordings are coming along well. Marcello is working really hard….. now that Shen is in Japan and me in US. Look out for Nov dates….