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What a SUNDAY!!!!

I had a great night with my band members and all the guest artist during the CD launch at POWERHOUSE sponsered by perfect potion. Even though it took so much time to set the sound yet we pulled it off really nicely. Sal and Ric did a great job giving the intro to the band. Thank you to all the guest artists… Meneeka, Lansana and Peter. They played beautifully. For me the most fun part was Crane song coz didn’t really get to practiced with Meneek but the way she started the song was perfect. So many things to say.. but in short It was a beautiful night… Music is Life is out now …. please grab a copy. Visit tibet2timbuk2.com for all the info and to listen to songs.

Wow Sunday, what a sunday!!!!!!…. I didn’t leave for India on Sunday for some reason but it was good that I didn’t go coz, we had a huge STROM…. and our Gap got hit really hard. Everywhere looked so much like a warzone. So manytrees got uprooted. So i left the next day on Monday…. I will write more on INdia next. Love to allllll