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Heading for India

Guess who’s Artwork are we in??? just for fun…
Anyway, it’s been quite a longtime since I wrote on my blog. Since coming back from New York. I went to few beautiful Festivals. Global Carnival Bellingen, NSW was very beautiful I was mostly hanging out in the Darma Village. It was right next to the Chai tent which was really good because I was able to have so much chai. In the Darma village I helped Lama Khedup to do the Mandala and and gave some singing workshops. All my concerts went really well. At one stage everyone was singing with me which sounded amazing.

Then, it was Multicultural festival @ Roma St Parkland, Brisbane Qld. I had three concerts on that day. Started off with my solo in the morning than with Spiros Rantos and Ensemble at mid afternoon. I was so scared about that one but turned out to be delightful one. We had a standing ovation. I was to scared about that concert for I am not so used to Classical music and also fitting in the bars that are set for the song yet we mannaged to get it right on the day. In the evening It was the 2Horsemen Tibetan and Mongolian Music fussion. Beautiful concert and finish the day with. I loved it. Bayan my Mongolian friend and musician is a great improviser. We always play together without any practice and somehow we weave our music so well. Maybe it’s because of our way of giving each other the space we share. Maybe it comes naturally from the Mountains and the rivers and the plains of Tibet and Mongolia.

Now, next month I have few concerts. On 13th Nov I will be down in Melbourne for a concert at the Casino at 8.30 pm. Its for Multicultural Award night. Then 0n 15th with T2T2 at the Powerhouse, Brisbane. 16th Nov…. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh I will be heading to India for 3 weeks. It’s for a big Tibetan conference. This conference is a big deal. All the Tibetan leaders from around the world are getting together in Dharamsala.

Love to all