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Tibetan singer/songwriter

2 Horsemen

2 Horsemen are Tenzin Choegyal (Tibet) and Baatar Sukh (Mongolia). The combination of two great vocal techniques and powers of _expression makes it a unique duo. Both being from nomadic traditions; in their songs one could feel the vastness of space, appreciate the beauty and the innocence of the nature. They bring a new sound from Australia yet so based within their roots.

Tenzin as a master of traditional instruments such as the Dranyen (long-necked lute) and Lingbu (transverse bamboo flute), he is also accomplished in ritual instruments such as the Suna (reed instrument), and utilises singing bowls, bells, and gongs within his compositions. Surpassing all this, however, is Tenzin’s outstanding voice, rich and memorable in its poignancy and intensity.

Baatar is master of his horse headed fidle Morin chuur and throat singing where one produces two or three vocal lines simultaneously by selectively amplifying harmonics. Legend has it that the fiddle was created from the bones, skin and hair of a magical winged horse upon whose death ht skull became the body of the fiddle.