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Mystical Cathedral

This is what Betty http://www.beathcox.com/ wrote…
Truly a magical as well as a mystical experience. I think we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to hear such interesting music in our beautiful cathedral.

The sensitive selection of works programmed was very special. Tenzin had the power to truly express the space and landscape of Tibet and Brendan’s performance was simply stunning in Richard Meale’s lovely Cantilena Pacifica. But all the works were beautiful and especially lovely to have Sarah’s Processional. Thank-you Camerata!

Tibet2Timbuk2 Project

Since the begining of last year, I have been working with two of my very dear musician friend on a project Tibet2Timbuk2. Shen Flindel a dedicated Tabla player and Marcello Milani sing a song writer and very beautiful guitarist. Tibet2Timbuk2 is a music project to bring all the musical movements and spaces from different musical traditions to give a unique journey. Just like what would one see, feel and hear if one starts a journey from Tibet and begins in Timbuktu. Imagine all these beautiful land scape, food, sounds and people one would end up meeting.

So, on 14th Nov 2008 we will be launching our first album. We have been working really hard. Recordings are coming along well. Marcello is working really hard….. now that Shen is in Japan and me in US. Look out for Nov dates….

Engagement with Camerata of St John’s Inc.

Last night I had a beatiful rehersal with Camerata of St John’s Inc. Katherine my friend who is a talented cello player aranged two of my songs for the Camerata of St John’s Inc. It sounded so beautiful with lots of space and movements. I am looking forward to the concerts

Event: Mystical Cathedral 2008
Performance Dates: Friday August 29, Saturday August 30, 2008
Venues: St Luke’s Church Toowoomba, St John’s Cathedral Brisbane

I shall write more about it nearer towards the time. Another project is Tibet2Timbuk2; all the songs are put down and it’s sounding great. Now, little bit more recording to do with the guest artist and than should be ready for the Novenber launch supported by Perfect Potion.

QMusic Award

Tenzin’s song will be available on iTunes soon … in a months time.

Wiining The Q-Music Award for Tenzin’s “Crane Song ”

Recently, Tibet2Timbuk2’s Tenzin, Shen and Marcello at the QMusic Award 2008 winning the Crane Song in World Music Category. Listen to the song below…

TIBET’s Cry for Freedom

On the eve of Olympics the premier of show of the doco TIBET’s Cry for Freedom in Brisbane went really well. We had about 300 people attend it. We also had Candle4Tibet that night. Now that the Olympics is is full swing I am divided in two direction. I love sports but than I love Human values more. Good luck to all the athletes.

In coming months I have few really nice concerts. I will be joined by a String ochestra for two concerts on 29th and 30th Aug. I have few gigs at the Ekka. One exciting thing. One of my song called the Crane Song is in the finalist for Qmusic awards and I will be singing that song on the award night at the Trivoli on 12th Nov with Shen on Tabla and Marcello on Gutiar. In Sept. I am heading to US for a month for a tour there. Hope to see you sometime soon.

NZ and New Caledonia

Back from my Mini tour to New Zealand and New calidonia. Both of the tours went really well. It was very beautiful down in NZ bit cold but enjoyed all of the 3 Concerts. I gave a small workshop to the students from the Gammer school for Girls. Friends of Tibet organized a concert in auckland.

On coming back had 2 day rest and straight to New Calidonia for one concert. What can I say about New Caledonia. Amazing beautiful tropical french speaking nation. I felt like I was in a foriegn land because I couldn’t understand the Language. It was exicting walking in the streets there without knowing what the street signs say. It was my first ever concert there and was a successful one. thanks to Acha Monique and Pascal. On the way back to Australia I declared my Dranyen as a wooden instrument with skin and unfortunately the Customs wanted to keep it and I was so upset thinking that I might not get it back. Little drama there but in the end they kept it overnight. I had the longest night without my dear instument but got it back the next day with some paperworks for next time… Yeahhhh

Ok Now next week being the Beijing Olympics I have organized a screening of a doco on the eve of the Olympics. The funds will go to Good fortune Trust helping Buddhist nuns and monks in TIBET. Please if you can come that would be great. I didn’t get much lead up time to organize this. Himalayan Cafe and Dendy Cinema have been very kind in sopponsering this event. Below is the details. Tibet really needs help so please visit www.atc.org.au to see what you can do for TIBET. C U all soon Tashi delek….

“Stages of Meditation” by HH the 14th Dalai Lama

In month of july I will be travelling to New Zealand and New Calidonia for few concerts. Monique whom I met at the HH’s teaching in Sydney from Lotus Association kindly invited me to New Calidonia for a concert. I am very much looking foward to it.

It has been beautiful last two or so weeks. I went down to Sydney to attend the teaching on “Stages of Meditation” by HH the 14th Dalai Lama. During the teaching I played for all those came to the teaching during the Lunch break. Being able to offer my songs to all those Dharma friends during the teaching was such a great pleasure of mine. Now, I am getting ready for few upcoming shows in Brisbane, Sydney, New Zealand and US(mainly New York) so all the updates to these shows will be in my Events. So hope to see you sometime soon.

Some articles

photo by Frank Amato

Interview on ABC The Rhythm Divine
with Geoff Wood

Blue Mts

We had such a great time up in the blue mts. All the members from Sakya Tinnley ling were very kind and helped us to have a succesful Songs of the mandala up in the Blue Mts. Our humble thank you to Mayor Jim Angle for his support for Tibet and his beautiful civic reception of the tour. Tashi Delek to all the Blue Mts friends.

With our Rogger. Thanks Rogger and his crew for a beautiful time in Dylesford
Sunset on the wayback from Dylesford to Melbourne
Finishing touch of the mandala