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Tibetan singer/songwriter

Tenzin Choegyal – “Heart Sutra”

CD Review
By Rick Heritage, presenter/producer on 4EB & 4ZzZ of two of the only Brisbane based world music radio programs.

Tenzin Choegyal –‘Heart Sutra’, ‘often in my dreams’.

‘Heart Sutra- often in my dreams’ is his fourth release, and four years on from the previous CD ‘Big Happiness’ (2000), expands further his connection to the folk songs and music of the nomadic peoples of his homeland and the continuing experiences of his fellow exiled Tibetans across the diaspora. Sold out by day 4, this album was the most sought after memento by festival goers at last year’s Woodford Folk Festival shop.

With Tenzin’s exquisite cover artwork, the CD ’Heart Sutra’ is the resultant heartfelt journey of the many musical experiences of the festival appearances of which he is in great demand and also a pointer to the tapestry of collaborative projects that he has recently been part of, like Trikaya (with James Coates, Riley Lee & Michael Askill), 2 Horsemen (with Bayaan Bhaatarsukh) & Terika (with River Petein & Katherine Philip).

Of the thirteen tracks, the gems most played by this ardent supporter start with ‘Olo Chung Chung’ , the love for a little boy and his hoped for bright future recorded live October ’05 at the Brisbane Powerhouse with the trio Terika as part of the third Dis-Orientation Concert series.
The transcendental over pinning of glorious flute from the plains of the roof of world the Lingbu (transverse bamboo flute), on ’Thank You India’, with programming & atmospherics from Taane Matteson, stands out as a instrumental hymn of gratitude to the people of India for the sanctuary they have given to Tibetans since 1959.The bone-tingling opening and title cut ‘Heart Sutra’ reminds us, if we ever needed reminding, of his powerful, and other-worldly sweeping voice accompanied by his instrument of choice, the Dranyen (Tibetan folk six-stringed long-necked lute) .Look out for a mini album later this year with Gold Coast resident Mongolian throat-singer and morin-huur(horse-head fiddle) master, Bayaan Bhaartasukh.

“Heart Sutra” is now available from ethnosuperlounge.com