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NZ and New Caledonia

Back from my Mini tour to New Zealand and New calidonia. Both of the tours went really well. It was very beautiful down in NZ bit cold but enjoyed all of the 3 Concerts. I gave a small workshop to the students from the Gammer school for Girls. Friends of Tibet organized a concert in auckland.

On coming back had 2 day rest and straight to New Calidonia for one concert. What can I say about New Caledonia. Amazing beautiful tropical french speaking nation. I felt like I was in a foriegn land because I couldn’t understand the Language. It was exicting walking in the streets there without knowing what the street signs say. It was my first ever concert there and was a successful one. thanks to Acha Monique and Pascal. On the way back to Australia I declared my Dranyen as a wooden instrument with skin and unfortunately the Customs wanted to keep it and I was so upset thinking that I might not get it back. Little drama there but in the end they kept it overnight. I had the longest night without my dear instument but got it back the next day with some paperworks for next time… Yeahhhh

Ok Now next week being the Beijing Olympics I have organized a screening of a doco on the eve of the Olympics. The funds will go to Good fortune Trust helping Buddhist nuns and monks in TIBET. Please if you can come that would be great. I didn’t get much lead up time to organize this. Himalayan Cafe and Dendy Cinema have been very kind in sopponsering this event. Below is the details. Tibet really needs help so please visit www.atc.org.au to see what you can do for TIBET. C U all soon Tashi delek….