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Engagement with Camerata of St John’s Inc.

Last night I had a beatiful rehersal with Camerata of St John’s Inc. Katherine my friend who is a talented cello player aranged two of my songs for the Camerata of St John’s Inc. It sounded so beautiful with lots of space and movements. I am looking forward to the concerts

Event: Mystical Cathedral 2008
Performance Dates: Friday August 29, Saturday August 30, 2008
Venues: St Luke’s Church Toowoomba, St John’s Cathedral Brisbane

I shall write more about it nearer towards the time. Another project is Tibet2Timbuk2; all the songs are put down and it’s sounding great. Now, little bit more recording to do with the guest artist and than should be ready for the Novenber launch supported by Perfect Potion.

QMusic Award

Tenzin’s song will be available on iTunes soon … in a months time.

Wiining The Q-Music Award for Tenzin’s “Crane Song ”

Recently, Tibet2Timbuk2’s Tenzin, Shen and Marcello at the QMusic Award 2008 winning the Crane Song in World Music Category. Listen to the song below…

Blue Mts

We had such a great time up in the blue mts. All the members from Sakya Tinnley ling were very kind and helped us to have a succesful Songs of the mandala up in the Blue Mts. Our humble thank you to Mayor Jim Angle for his support for Tibet and his beautiful civic reception of the tour. Tashi Delek to all the Blue Mts friends.

With our Rogger. Thanks Rogger and his crew for a beautiful time in Dylesford
Sunset on the wayback from Dylesford to Melbourne
Finishing touch of the mandala

Dylesford folk festival

Dylesford Singers festival was really beautiful and our namgyal monks had a great time. Tenzin Choegyal did a workshop on Tibetan singing where all the people in the worksohop went away with a Tibetan tunes in thier head. The monks created this beautiful 8 auspissious Symbol mandala with Buddha of Compassion in the centre. We were given a house with lots of wildlife around it. there were lots of Kangaroos running around. thanks to Rogger for inviting us there.

woodford festival on the last day

thank you to all the people who helped us at woodford

Namgyal monks @ woodford folk festival ‘0506

Woodford was really hot but a very enjoyalbe festival. We had lots of people come through the Mandala House. What a beautiful Festival where paople are just there to experience the joy of diversity in Australia.

Ven. Younten la says… “it was so
nice to see many kinds of people.”
Ven. samten says… “Hot emotion
and nice.” Ven. Chimey says…
“didn’t imaged to be participating
in such a big festival with
so many good hearted people.”


city of Ipswich… meet the city mayor and the indigenious people from that country

meeting the indigenous people of Australia