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This months special on indie CD is a DVD H.H. The Dalai Lama - Basic Tibetan Buddhism This DVD in Tibetan language is a recording of a presentation of Buddhist precepts given in 2006 by the Dalai Lama. There are English subtitles, and the format is PAL DVD. In the discourse, the Dalai Lama answers simple questions such as "Who was Shakyamuni Buddha? What counts as Buddhist faith? What are the Three Jewels? What are the Four Seals? How does on become enlightened?" His Holiness urges to use our unique human intellect to gain insight into these questions. He emphasises the development of compassion - the source of well-being and happiness for all.

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Tenzin's Album

Heart Sutra Aus$25 Click Indie CD to purchase this Album of Tenzin

Big Happiness Aus$25 (out of stock})

Songs of the Mandala Aus $30 It's an album by the Namgyal Monks of Tibet (out of stock}