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Tenzin Choegyal

Tibetan singer/songwriter

woodford festival on the last day

thank you to all the people who helped us at woodford

Namgyal monks @ woodford folk festival ‘0506

Woodford was really hot but a very enjoyalbe festival. We had lots of people come through the Mandala House. What a beautiful Festival where paople are just there to experience the joy of diversity in Australia.

Ven. Younten la says… “it was so
nice to see many kinds of people.”
Ven. samten says… “Hot emotion
and nice.” Ven. Chimey says…
“didn’t imaged to be participating
in such a big festival with
so many good hearted people.”


city of Ipswich… meet the city mayor and the indigenious people from that country

meeting the indigenous people of Australia

Tenzin Choegyal & Jamyang Dolma: Big Happiness!

Tenzin Choegyal and Jamyang Dolma’s CD “Big Happiness!” was released in 2000 and presents a number of solo tracks by the two artists. Track 4 is a collaboration.

Available online at ethnosuperlounge.com