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Tibetan singer/songwriter

50 B’Days in Exile

HH the Dalai Lama turned 74. To celebrate his B’day I was invited Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane to do some songs. It was quite a trip but I enjoyed it. In Canberra I even took part in some soccer match which was organized by the Tibetan youth group in Australia. It was a really nice day.

My thought on the B’Day of HH was wow… 50 B’days in Exile. Hope someday soon we all can go back to Yibet without fear and celebrate HH’s B’day. Sydney Tibetan celebration was really cool. They cooked up a strom for about 500 people. It was a whole day celebration with cultural shows from the community. I think the Music teacher have done a great job in teaching the Sydney community some beautiful songs and dances. Inspiring!!!!.