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  1. Lyn Geppert says:

    Trying to find the venue for your performance in Bega Sunday November 10. So looking forward to it.

  2. Kylie Plunkett says:

    Hi Tenzin, I have heard you play & sing on a few occassions & just love your music.

  3. Sherry Mestel says:

    My friend attended the concert at the Rubin museum in NYC please kerp me on your email list I will be ordering the cd. Thankyou

  4. Hi Tenzin,
    You are some chanter as we say in Ireland. Just back from Slovenia where I met His Holiness. Great moment!Z

  5. Donna Thorsby says:

    Tashi delek Master Tenzin,
    … itsumo doomo (it’s always a pleasure!)

    So nice to see you again in Coffs Harbour. I am so grateful, words can’t express the love shared. When are you going to take a holiday? By the way, I love the artwork on your cd’s. May a thousand lama’s protect you & I bags being one of them.. lol!


  6. Anna Gibbs says:

    I went and watched you play at coffs harbour campus with Johnnie Aseron and it was really good… you have an amazing gift… actually bought tears to my eyes when you first sang….and the night was also enjoyed more by the humour between both you and Johnnie…
    thank you again

  7. Jennie Sakamoto says:

    HI…I think I saw you sing at Australia Zoo when His Holiness the Dalai Llama was there…you were simply amazing.
    When I was in Japan a couple of years ago my husband and I went and saw a friend(he went to school with him I think) in Noshiro-city..he had a coffee shop/tea house but most importantly he is a brilliant artist. He said he was a friend of yours. My husband is in Sydney will ask him his name. We spoke about you and he was surprised I knew of you..now many people know of you.

    Keep singing..it’s incredible what you do
    jennie sakamoto

  8. admin says:

    Hi Jann,
    If you subscribe to RSS feeds in Google Reader it’s really easy. Just open Google Reader as one of your default tabs, like email.
    Shen (admin)
    aum mani padme hum

  9. Jann French says:

    Dear Tenzin

    It’s been a few years since I heard you play. I have your CD and really enjoy your, what feels like to me, more deep, simple & meaningful work.

    If you have an email list that you send news out to I would very much like to recieve email newsletters from you.

    I’m afraid the RSS feed thing hasn’t worked for me yet, I can’t work it out, I think I’m supposed to remember to check it every day, which I don’t ever remember with all the other distractions on these machines.

    Best wishes, Peace, Love & Laughter

  10. Ash says:

    I picked up a copy of Awakened Heart today, and want to thank you for an amazing collection of music I will enjoy for years to come :)

  11. Mark Gould says:

    Hi There !Mark

  12. Laurie tomasino says:

    see you in Kingston!
    Tashi Delek,

    Laurie Tomasino

  13. stella green tengokasongo says:

    I have enjoyed your website immensly and have at various stages in your career been inspired by your work and your walk. I thank you for you and look forward to meeting you one day soon. The workshop you do particularly interest me, workshops in singing traditional songs.
    Thank you for your time in reading and the website is very nice.
    Blessings and thanks again.
    Stella Tengokasongo

  14. stella Tengokasongo says:

    Dear Tenzin, I really do appreciate how much you have made a positive impact on my deepening consciouseness. I have appreciated your work for a long time and have found your work so important to me. Again, after a journey within, I am rediscovering your beautiful work again. Thank you for your gift of music and journey.
    Bless you on your many many journeys ahead.
    Life is Love.
    Stella Tengokasongo
    2011 – 13 March.

  15. karen clegg says: